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Power plant equipment mainly includes power boiler, steam turbine, water turbine and generator set, and auxiliary equipment such as refrigeration and air conditioning.The power station equipment industry is the pillar industry of national economy and serves the basic energy of the country.Its main function is to convert heat energy, hydraulic potential energy, nuclear energy, wind energy and other primary energy into the use of convenient electricity. 


Electric power reform promoted industry development


After the reform of the power system, the new five power generation groups have broken the monopoly situation and introduced the competition mechanism in the power generation market. 


Monkey to grab market share in the power generation group are "enclosure", accelerate the construction of power supply, after a large-scale construction and put into production, power station equipment manufacturing quickly into development the fast lane.According to the analysis of new power capacity in China in 2001, is one of the new power capacity low, began to enter the recovery in 2003, over the next few years will be rapid growth, the growth speed slow down gradually after 2007.Power system reform is beneficial to the long-term development of power station equipment manufacturing, and the market demand of power station equipment has changed from a single subject to a pluralistic subject. 


Many investment subjects compete for the market, resulting in huge capital and fierce competition, bringing rare opportunities to the plant equipment industry.A coax regulation policies conducive to stable development of the current power construction, layout, centralization and put into operation, centralized purchasing equipment for power station equipment industry brings the huge orders, far more than existing production capacity of enterprises in China (annual production capacity of 6000 ~ 70 million kw), including the construction power station project a total of 125 million kilowatts.In the short term, the efficiency of power station equipment enterprises will increase rapidly, but in the long term, the development of the industry will have adverse effects. 


On January 18th the state environmental protection administration (sepa) released a list of environmental violations that required the project to be suspended.On March 1, the national development and reform commission issued a "opinion on resolutely stopping the construction of a power station project," requiring that equipment manufacturers should not supply equipment to the illegal construction of the plant.Countries adopt different policies to discriminate.For has been approved by the national project proposal according to the original program, but not yet approved feasibility study report or unfinished project (30 million kw) of illegal approval procedures, after the approval of the rectification and allowed to start construction, the construction scale of 2005;Not according to the provisions of the state program to examine and approve the project or approval, by the expert review, basic meet the requirements of the layout and industrial policy project (45 million kw), annual approval formalities, points into the current construction scale.The rest of the project (about 50 million kilowatts) stopped construction. 


The reasonable control of the layout and speed of power supply is not only beneficial to the healthy development of power industry, but also beneficial to the long-term stable development of power station equipment industry.The construction of the illegal project will bring some business risks to the enterprises, but it has little impact on the large-scale plant equipment manufacturers.According to statistics, the three power generation group in the order is not in conformity with the national examination and approval procedures for about 57 million kilowatts, accounts for about 50%, for the most part they order is more than 300000 kilowatts of large units, in line with national industrial policies, undo the possibility is very small, most will be delayed delivery, but can ease the tight capacity now.In addition, the plant equipment enterprises in 2003 and 2004 took orders far more than the previous years. 


Thermal power construction is a step towards high capacity parameters


The energy structure of our country determines that China's electricity generation must be dominated by coal power, which is hard to change in the long run.At present, coal-fired power generating capacity accounts for 74.5% of the total installed capacity of the country, generating more than 80% of the country's electricity generation.According to the national power plan, even by 2020, the total installed capacity of coal-fired power will be more than 60% of the total installed capacity of the country.The energy consumption of the unit is an important index for the utilization of water resources. 


Coal-fired electricity needs a lot of make-up water for circulating cooling water, industrial cooling water and chemical, usually water chilling unit per million kilowatts of water consumption of 1 m3 / s, the international advanced level can be reduced to less than 0.8 m3 / s), 2002 capacity thermal power unit water consumption 3.54 kg per KWH.The average installed water consumption rate of coal-fired power plants is 40 ~ 50% higher than that of the international advanced level, which is equivalent to 1.5 billion cubic meters of water consumed over a year.Therefore, the development of thermal power generation must pay high attention to "energy conservation, environmental protection, water conservation". 


Power supply coal consumption is an important index to measure energy efficiency and economic performance of power industry.From 1980 to 2003, power supply standard coal consumption fell from 448 grams per KWH to 381 grams per kilowatt hour;Power plant electricity rate dropped from 6.4% to 6.1%.Coal consumption is still about 60 grams per kilowatt hour compared with the world's advanced level.

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