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The state council, China's xinhua news agency, yesterday issued a decision on reform of the current tax rebate mechanism for export tax rebates.


It has been decided that the implementation of tax rebates for export products is an international practice and conforms to wto rules.China began to implement the export tax rebate policy in 1985, and after the reform of the fiscal and taxation system in 1994, we continued to implement tax rebates for export products.The implementation of the export tax rebate policy, to enhance the international competitiveness of China's export products, expand exports, increase employment, and guarantee the balance of payments, to promote sustained, rapid and sound development of national economy has played an important role.


Decided at the same time, points out that the current export tax rebate mechanism has some contradictions and problems to be solved, mainly export tax rebate system is not conducive to deepening the reform of foreign trade system, the export tax rebate structure can't adapt to the requirement of optimizing the industrial structure, the burden of export tax rebate mechanism is unreasonable, export tax rebates for lack of a stable source of funds, etc.The existence of these problems make the export tax rebate money cannot be guaranteed in time, lead to owes drawback problem is very serious, and present the momentum increased year by year, if not timely take effective measures to solve, is bound to affect the normal operation of enterprises and foreign trade development, bring financial operation.[China securities news]


Decided to emphasize, in accordance with the "new account don't owe, back also, perfect the mechanism, a common burden, promoting reform, promoting development" principle, the historical owed tax refunds shall be the responsibility of the central finance to pay, to ensure that new owe no longer happen after the reform, and establish the central and local joint burden of export tax rebate mechanism, promote the deepening reform of the foreign trade system, and optimize the structure of export products, export benefit, promote the sustainable and healthy development of foreign trade and economy.


The decision clarified the specific contents of the reform.


An appropriate reduction in the export rebate rate.Based on the principle of "moderate, safe and feasible, and the difference between different products adjust tax rebates: not or less of the state shall encourage exports, reduce suitably to the general export products, and some of countries to limit exports resource products drop or cancel the refund.


Second, we will increase the support of the central government for export tax rebates.Since 2003, the increment of value-added tax and consumption tax in the central import sector was first used to export tax rebates.


Third, establish a new mechanism for the central and local governments to jointly finance export rebates.Starting from 2004, the tax rebate for the export rebate of 2003 is the base, and the tax on the superbase portion should be paid by the central and local governments at the ratio of 75:25.


Fourth, we will promote reform of the foreign trade system and adjust the structure of export products.Through the perfect legal protection mechanism, accelerate the export production enterprises, actively guide the development of foreign trade agency system, reduce export costs, further enhance the international competitiveness of China's commodity.At the same time, we should adjust the export rebate rate, promote the structure optimization of export products, and improve the overall efficiency of export.


Fifth, the accumulative owes drawback is the central finance burden.The central financial burden shall be borne by the total amount owed to the enterprise by the end of 2003 and the fiscal revenue of the local government in accordance with the value added tax sharing system.Among them, the export tax refund for the owed enterprises, and the central government has adopted the full interest rate and other measures since 2004.

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