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China's first deep-sea ocean thermodynamic model of ocean temperature difference was developed in China, and the "underwater robot" has been realized in theory.Its overall technology is at an international leading level and will be used for the global ocean observation programme (Argo).

The Argo plan aims to collect water profile data from the top of the global ocean, from the surface of the sea to depths of 2, 000 meters, in a fast, accurate and wide-ranging manner.The idea is to put a buoy on every three latitudes in the world's oceans, which consists of thousands of buoys, which form a vast ocean observation network, measuring the temperature, salinity and pressure of seawater.

This kind of buoy must have the characteristics of low cost, long life, not easy to damage, no daily maintenance.But the current buoy all USES lithium battery power supply, the cost is high, the working life is only 3 to 5 years, after failure also can cause pollution.

In order to "prolong life" and reduce pollution, scientists have come up with the idea of using Marine renewable energy.According to tian zhenhua, a senior engineer at the company's 710 heavy industries, there is a huge amount of energy in the ocean, in the form of tidal energy, wave energy and temperature difference.Among them, the temperature difference can be used vertical temperature difference of water absorbing energy, the largest reserves in the global ocean energy, renewable, clean, and the advantages of small output volatility, particularly suited to do vertical motion in the ocean of Argo buoy.But the energy conversion technology is advanced and extremely difficult, involving materials, control, electromechanical, systems engineering and other disciplines.

As the only by Argo buoy supplier certification, 710, the national defense university of science and technology institute of Marine meteorological after 4 years to conquer the ocean temperature, phase transformation point control, key technology such as phase change tube energy storage, obtained several patents.The buoy prototype can be equipped with CTD (warm salt depth), dissolved oxygen, pH, acoustics, optics and other sensors.Its core technology can provide inexhaustible impetus for our Marine exploration equipment.Science and technology daily Beijing, Dec. 20 (xinhua)

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