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Application demonstration projects of fujian lake kasumigaura fast reactor nuclear power projects, the domestic first 600000 mw fourth-generation nuclear power fast reactor nuclear main line and main line of pants tees, on November 30, formally signed the product supply agreement.


Lake kasumigaura fast reactor as a national major projects of science and technology demonstration projects of nuclear power project, is China's nuclear energy development strategy of "three steps", the second step to advance nuclear fuel closed cycle, promote sustainable development of nuclear power in China is of great significance.


The fast reactor, known as the fast reactor, is the latest fourth-generation technology in the world.Unlike other nuclear reactors, fast reactor can be directly used to now abandoned uranium isotope, even only after a simple transformation of nuclear power plant spent fuel, on the depth of the burning and huge energy generation.It not only converts the heavy waste burden to high economic benefit, but also does not need to refute, so it can reduce the risk of nuclear proliferation by improving operation security, which represents the development direction of advanced nuclear energy system.Compared with other reactors, the fast reactor has two advantages: it can increase the utilization rate of natural uranium resources from about 1% to 60%.The minimization of radioactive waste can be achieved.


Nuclear main and main breeches tee is the fourth generation of one of the most important parts in fast reactor nuclear power project, known as "heart of aortic blood vessels," by hebei macro embellish nuclear equipment technology co., LTD. To manufacture.Because of high manufacturing technical requirements, the technical difficulty is big, the mechanical indexes, geometry size is under construction and completed the 1 million kw three and a half generation and the second generation nuclear power engineering index higher, product research and development has experienced over the difficulties.


According to introducing, the research and development through the whole process test of an innovative way of using "reduction of material manufacturing technology, the utilization rate of raw materials has reached around 80%, compared with the traditional forging process to improve more than 70 points, processing cycle by around two-thirds of the time, and eventually took out all the products that meet the engineering demands and the scientific research and data.

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