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The international nuclear power industry technology innovation platform was inaugurated in yantai city, shandong province on September 9.The transformation and upgrading of the industrial chain of nuclear power in the platform to promote the purpose, focus on promoting nuclear power industry and technology innovation, structural reforms to boost nuclear power supply side, promoting diversified use of nuclear energy, establish open and Shared the industrial chain of new form, promote the development of safe and efficient nuclear power industry in China.


"In the 2017 peak BBS" nuclear power industry chain, the national energy administration slurry sampling, director of Wang Sijiang said that current our country has become the world's nuclear power, nuclear power is in can go a long way in scientific and technological innovation in the important period of strategic opportunities, also faces the risk of further widening gap.The new innovation platform as a new research in the field of nuclear power, will be widely attract social forces to participate in nuclear power technology innovation, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, take the path of a high starting point, the differentiation innovation and provide support for nuclear power safe and efficient development in our country.


Shandong is an important nuclear power base in China, which has formed the construction of two nuclear power plants in haiyang, shidao bay, and the state planning and development of the three nuclear power bases.According to incomplete statistics, there are nearly 200 enterprises of nuclear power equipment and construction and operation and management services in shandong province. Among them, haiyang and laishan nuclear power industrial park have begun to take shape.


Yantai city deputy director of the national development and reform commission nuclear power Zhang Jiefei, said nuclear power research and development center and the platform based on yantai mountain, haiyang, zhaoyuan three nuclear industry park, except in the industrialization of technological achievements play a role of incubator, also bear the function of introducing talents, technology research and development, etc.Predicts 2025, innovation platform will foster advanced technology, with independent intellectual property rights of nuclear equipment and sharing technology, brand has nuclear power equipment and technical services more than 15 backbone enterprises, sales income reached 100 billion yuan, to become internationally influential nuclear industry technology innovation platform, as the bridgehead of China's nuclear power to step into the world.


Chinese academy of engineering Ye Ji stand, said one of the important direction of China's nuclear energy innovation is the diversification of nuclear energy application, including small modular reactors and other advanced technology, nuclear energy instead of coal-fired heating, heating floating nuclear power station, etc.Among them, highly innovative small modular reactor can provide a new solution, further improve the nuclear application flexibility, will also help emerging countries to carry out the nuclear development financing and cultivate local talent planning, more quickly into the nuclear power industry.

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