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China's machine tool industry leader in shenyang machine tool group, 7 motion control in the field of the world's first industrial oriented i5OS intelligence platform system, provide a sharing service, development and application of shape "industrial interconnection + cloud services + intelligent terminal" to build a new ecological.


"Just as the android operating system defines smartphone products, i5OS will define a new generation of industrial device operating systems.""The i5OS will be free and open to the global industry for operating system development and users," said guan xiyou, chairman of shenyang machine tool group.


The motor control system is the brain of machine tools and other equipment manufacturing products. This universal core technology has long been controlled by the enterprises of a few developed countries.The face of a global new technology revolution and industry revolution, speed up the development of advanced manufacturing industry in our country, promote the Internet, the big data fusion, artificial intelligence and the depth of the real economy, promote the upgrading of the traditional industries.


10 years since 2007, shenyang machine tool group independent research and development, successfully conquer the i5 motion control core technology and accelerate the industrialization process, have released two axis, three axis, four axis and 5 axis machine tools i5 series intelligent products, and thus gave rise to isesol industrial cloud platform, explore the total machine tool life value sharing innovative business model, traditional equipment manufacturing enterprises to boost industrial service transformation.


"If to share an i5 technology used in each niche business, can greatly improve the efficiency of manufacturing smart update, therefore, shenyang machine tool group creative puts forward some ideas of social development, the core i5 modular encapsulation technology, through the i5OS platform and the Internet to provide technical services and support."Zhu zhihao, head of technology research and development of shenyang machine tool group i5.


To further play i5OS platform driving force for transformation and upgrading of manufacturing, recently, tongji university, Shanghai jiaotong university, xi 'an jiaotong university and other research institutions i5OS joint laboratory with shen machine group, accelerate the building carrying Chinese independent industry knowledge and technical system of sharing platform, helping and leading to the new change of the intelligent manufacturing.

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