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The mud balance shield machine with a diameter of 15.03 meters is officially offline on the 26th day of the China railway equipment shield assembly workshop. The equipment will be applied to the shantou gulf tunnel project built by the railway tunnel group.This is the largest diameter mud water balance shield machine designed and manufactured in China so far, and its successful downline has broken the situation of foreign brands over the years to unify the global supersize shield.


"This equipment for our country to shield the procurement cost savings of nearly 100 million yuan, also marked the shield machine design and manufacturing to high-end, are fully employed the leading technology of the whole machine in the world."China railway equipment chairman, party secretary tan shunhui said.


Large diameter slurry balance shield machine has high degree of impact on the surrounding environment is small, factory operations, ground subsidence, the characteristics of high control accuracy, security, fast, a series of across the river in the sea in our country has a unique advantage in the tunnel construction, is "made in China 2025" planning focus on the development of high-end equipment.Prior to this, the core technology of the large diameter mud balance shield machine has been monopolized by a few developed countries.


In addition, the shield tunneling machine can be integrated into tunneling, soil transportation and pipe fitting, with high degree of automation, safety of construction, no obstruction to navigation, and no climate impact.


Shantou bay tunnel is 6.8 kilometers long and six lanes.As an important channel, contact shantou north and south on both sides of the tunnel, traffic will be both function of urban road and first class road of underwater shield tunnel, and the current domestic integrated the most difficult of large diameter shield tunnel.

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